Automated Forex Trading Robot

Automated Forex Trading Robot
Forex Trading Robot

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leo Trader Pro Review (Not a Forex Trading Robot)

The BEST of 2010 AND 2011

Even though Leo Trader Pro isn't all that old yet for me to be making a statement like this, it's MY blog and I can do whatever I want! :-)

Hahaha - I'm just kidding.

But, seriously... this is the first thing in the last couple of years that has just BLOWN ME AWAY!

I can't imagine that we'll see anything like this for a long, long while. I find it completely earth-shattering that we're at the point where SOFTWARE can now trade even better than a human being.

I always knew that it would get to this point eventually... but it just happened so fast that it caught me off guard a little.

A Neural Net! - Did you ever think we would see the day?

What's really going to keep you up at night is wondering how it manages a ONE PERCENT drawdown!

I hope you've managed to take a look at their account - if you haven't, they've still got their Account Investor Password Access on the site.

Click here to check it out!

I bet everyone in the FX business is going to start trying to get the CEO of their brokerage to validate their accounts for the public after Leo Trader Pro did it.

The problem is they're probably going to have to slip the guy a wad of cash under the table because they'd both know the results are fake!


P.S. Don't forget to check this out: Click Here!

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